For many players, their equipment is like an “old friend”. They can’t imagine playing with new gloves, new skates or new goal equipment.

For other players, they simply can’t find the right fitting gloves, skates or goal equipment and need some modifications.

For nearly thirty years, Gus Thorson has been the ‘tailor’ to hundreds of the top hockey players in the world. He’s helped young and old players alike, keep their “old friends” and find the perfect fit.

In addition to Gus Thorson’s skills and experience, Breakaway Sports Repair has a largest inventory of repair equipment, machines, tools and parts.

Breakaway Sports Repair offers repairs and customizing to all types of hockey equipment. These include glove re-palming, sewing and mending of all types of protective equipment, and goaltender equipment repair and custom work.

Breakaway Sports Repair also offers relacing and repairs for baseball gloves and other equipment.

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