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Ask any coach and they’ll tell you the most important skill in hockey is skating.

Our job at Breakaway Sports Repair, is to help you become the best skater you can be, through state-of-the-art skate sharpening.

Gus Thorson and the staff at Breakaway Sports Repair have studied the science of skate sharpening to help some of the best skaters in the world gain that extra step.

Breakaway Sports Repair uses the latest technology from Blademaster, and offers both conventional sharpening and the Flat Bottom.

Breakaway also offers custom radius and profiling, skate blade repair and replacement.

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Pick the right radius of hollow

3/8 "

More Bite / Less Glide

1/2 "


5/8 "


3/4 "


1 "

Less Bite / More Glide

Maneuverability & Acceleration vs Speed & Stability